6 Tips For A Successful Wedding Photo Shoot

The wedding photography is an important part of your big day. It is your wedding photos that may capture the moments, preserve the memories and give you years of pleasure looking back. So even though you hate having your photo taken, on your wedding day this is one time when you have to smile and relax involved with it. To make things easier on your day here are some tips to help your wedding photo shoot go smoothly.
1. Well before the marriage day itself, plan together with your wedding photographer just what photos you want from the shoot, how much time will be assigned to it and at what stage of your day the photos will undoubtedly be taken. Most likely your photographer will undoubtedly be taking informal photos throughout the day, but if you want any portraits of you as a couple or posed groups, you will have to decide the where so when and plan a slot in the schedule for the shoot.
2. Be sure to have an idea B in the event of bad weather. Good wedding photographers can work generally in most conditions, but it will not be much fun for you personally having photos taken on the beach in wind and rain, so check out your wedding venue for alternative sheltered spots that would also work well for your photo shoot, in the event.
3. When planning your wedding hair and make-up, make certain that it will work very well in photos. Your make-up artist will advise with this, but it might be smart to have several photos taken at your makeup trial in natural daylight to see how everything works on camera. This will give you more confidence on your day, to be able to relax in to the photos and not be worried about how you look. Just remember a professional wedding photographer can make you look a thousand times much better than photos taken by your best friend on a small camera, so don’t worry if they’re not perfect. If your budget allows, it is really worth while booking a pre-wedding shoot with your wedding photographer to mix with the make-up trial, and that means you get a really good idea of the way you will look on the day.
4. Come up with a bride’s emergency pack for the big day, that your chief bridesmaid can keep at hand for you to use prior to the photos are taken. Include a lipstick, tissues and wet wipes, powder and mascara, not to mention a mirror, to help you repair smudges and shininess brought on by so much emotion!
5. Ask your bridesmaids to keep a bottle of water at hand for you to sip, especially on hot sunny days. You can get de-hydrated and often the bride and the groom will be the last ones to obtain drinks at the reception, as they are so busy greeting guests and having photos taken. A few snacks might also be considered a good idea to help keep you energised through the photo shoot.
6. Practise your yoga breathing and relax. Forget about the details of the reception, schedules and if the photos are delaying things. Leave all that to the marriage planner or to the caterers to sort out and begin enjoying your big day with a large smile for the camera.

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